Thursday, January 6, 2011

Uber Soft Skin, But Not Worth the Stink - Burt's Bees Radiance Exfoliating Body Wash

It drives my husband crazy, but I always intentionally forget to pack one (or two) beauty/skin care items when we go on vacation. Why? It gives me a good excuse to hunt for new replacements. As such, I recently "forgot" my body wash during our Christmas road trip to Northern California. No problem, I thought. I'll find something along the way.

What I picked up was Burt's Bees Radiance Exfoliating Body Wash. It boasted 99.02% natural ingredients, so I figured why not! delivered both the good and the bad.

On a positive note, the body wash was super nourishing. My skin was extremely soft even after my first use. And while it was described as an exfoliating wash, it was not full of harsh scrubby ingredients that so often irritate sensitive skin. It reminded me more of a chemical exfoliant that relies on ingredients to promote cell turnover and regeneration instead of a "manual" scrubbing action. All in all, the product agreed with my skin and did its intended job.

However, the smell was awful. Seriously, it reminded me of hair dye or the old home perms that my mom used in the early 80s. What could be the culprit? I've scanned the label several times trying to sleuth out the source. But no weird fragrances or essential oils. I bought it at a small natural body product store so maybe it was old merchandise.

My other gripe was that the body wash did not lather very well. I felt that I had to use more product on my pouf than I typically use with other washes. Part of this can be attributed to my mom's hard water. I use a water softener at home, so I'm pretty spoiled by the fact that I can use less of most soap-based products. Yet I tried the wash at home with my water softener and still experienced the same problem.

All in all, I would love to use it up to the very end, but I don't think I can tolerate wearing a clothespin on my nose.

Purchase info: Burt's Bees Radiance Exfoliating Body Wash is available at most mass retailers and online. It retails for $8.00.

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