Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Thank-You Gift for Your Body: Sonya Dakar Daily Wash

In early fall, I purchased two Sonka Dakar body products on clearance at my local day spa. I reviewed the Nourishing Body Oil, but completely forgot about the Daily Wash. It quietly sat unopened in my bathroom drawer until earlier this month.

I started using it daily in January after my workouts and oh what a treat I discovered! It took several uses for me to realize that my upper arms were so incredibly smooth. Usually this time of year, my arms get dry and red. I usually have to switch to a body moisturizer with lactic acid to get relief, but my body wash was already doing it for me.

After some ingredient investigation, I learned that this rich Daily Wash was chalked full of powerful ingredients that are often found only in body moisturizers, special exfoliants, or scrubs, including:
  • Omega-3 (for nourishment)
  • Vitamin B5 complex (for nourishment)
  • Papaya enzymes (for revitalizing and healing)
  • Lactic acid (for exfoliation)
  • Salicylic acid (for exfoliation)
You get it all with this wash! Plus, it smells good. I chose the Verbena Cypress fragrance and this light citrus scent is especially refreshing after my gym sessions. To me, this product is the best thank you I can give my body after all it truly gives me.

Purchase info: Sonya Dakar Daily Wash is available at select day spas and online. While it is a bit pricey at $35.00 (8.5 oz bottle), the ingredients are totally worth it as you may be able to skip needing other products such exfoliants or body scrubs to reap the same effects.

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