Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My 2011 Beauty Challenge: Use It Up!

Believe it or not, we are five days into the new year. For many individuals, the beginning of a new year means starting over in some way or another, such as creating new goals, reorganizing, focusing on healthy habits, establishing positive relationships, etc.

While I'm not a big New Year's resolution maker, I am challenging myself to purposefully utilize my current beauty product stash in 2011. How easy it is to accumulate excess products that never get fully consumed especially when you are a beauty blogger AND a product junkie!

To hold myself better accountable, I will keep a running list of products that I finish up. I'll then post the list on an ongoing basis (monthly or bimonthly depending on the number of items) along with one of the following actions per item:
  • Repurchase: Buy the same exact item again.
  • Use spare: Open a backup that I've previously purchased but never used.
  • Replace: Find a different product that achieves a similar function.
  • Skip: Make do without!
(Note: This list will exclude anything that I promptly return, swap, or give away. Sometimes you must part with an item that doesn't work out especially if it causes sensitivities or is not right for your skin type, coloring, etc.) get the ball rolling, here are my use-it-up products for the week:
  • Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaning Spray: I've mentioned this product several times (Review Aug. 2010, Mention Dec. 2010). I use it on a daily basis to keep my brushes clean after each use, and I can't live without it! (Use spare: I ordered a backup bottle before Christmas.)
  • Trish McEvoy Treatment Foundation in Cream: Another favorite product (Review Sept. 2009) that I frequently reach for when I need a foundation with decent coverage and good skin benefits. (Use spare: I purchased a backup bottle in August during one of Trish's online sales.)
  • By Terry Baume De Rose SPF 15: My true lip love especially during the cold winter months (Review July 2010, Mention Dec. 2010). (Repurchase: I plan to order another one this week!)
I would love to learn about your use-it-up products during 2011. Drop me a line in the comments box with your items!

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