Monday, January 31, 2011

January Recap: Use It Up Product Challenge

I can't believe the month is over today!'s time for me to post all of the products fully consumed during the month of January. It's a whopping total of 11 items, including hair, skin, and makeup products. (Don't forget a candle, too.) out February.

Week of January 24th:
Nada! I finished a tube of toothpaste and a bar of soap, but I'm not including those items in this challenge.

Week of January 17th:  
  • Matrix Biolage colorcarethérapie Delicate Care Shampoo: Every last ounce is gone thanks to my husband who used it to give our dog a bath! Hello, we do have dog shampoo, but of course he used my current favorite (Review Sept. 2010). (Repurchase: Immediately!)
  • Trish McEvoy Eyelash Curler: So this is a bit of a use-it-up stretch, but I got every ounce of life out of my eyelash curler. I've been using it daily for at least two years, but I didn't realize how poorly mine was working until I tried a newer one at the counter. lashes look so much better! (Repurchase: I grabbed a new one immediately after seeing the results.)
  • Trish McEvoy Beta Hydroxy Pads: I started using these again after a recent facial and peel that left with me the dreaded "peelies." I forgot how well they worked (Review Jan. 2011)! (Use spare: I have an extra box that I purchased during a 2-for-1 special last year.)
Week of January 10th:
  • Benefit Brow Zings: Another holy grail product that I cannot skip in my daily routine (Review Nov. 2009). I'll confess that I did not use it ALL up — but pretty close to it. The powder side of the product started crumbling excessively and I couldn't get it to apply evenly anymore. (Repurchase: I bought a new one over the weekend.)
  • Kiehl's Creme de Corp Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter: I've been alternating this rich and delightful product with my other daily body moisturizers (Review Oct. 2010). (Skip: I have other similar moisturizers that I should use up first before I consider repurchasing.) 
  • Matrix Biolage hydrathérapie Conditioning Balm: If this conditioner is ever discontinued, I will cry! I'm on my third bottle since I discovered it on vacation last year (Review June 2010, Mention Dec. 2010). (Repurchase: I ran, not walked, to Ulta an for immediate repurchase.)
  • Slatkin & Co. Winter Candle: I bought this gem more than a year ago in a clearance bin (Mention Dec. 2010)! And oh how I've enjoyed its crisp pine and spice scent during the holidays. I pulled it out right before Thanksgiving and have been enjoying it ever since. (Skip: I have other candles in my stash that I need to use. However, a Bath & Body Works sale may tempt me!)
  • Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Creme: Here's another holy grail staple that I cannot be without (Review July 2010, Mention Dec. 2010). (Use spare: I always keep a backup in my bathroom drawer!)
Week of January 3rd: 
  • Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaning Spray: I've mentioned this product several times (Review Aug. 2010, Mention Dec. 2010). I use it on a daily basis to keep my brushes clean after each use, and I can't live without it! (Use spare: I ordered a backup bottle before Christmas.)
  • Trish McEvoy Treatment Foundation in Cream: Another favorite product (Review Sept. 2009) that I frequently reach for when I need a foundation with decent coverage and good skin benefits. (Use spare: I purchased a backup bottle in August during one of Trish's online sales.)
  • By Terry Baume De Rose SPF 15: My true lip love especially during the cold winter months (Review July 2010, Mention Dec. 2010). (Repurchase: I plan to order another one this week!)
What about you? Are your tracking your use-it-up products? If so, I'd love to see your summary. Just drop me a line in the comments box.

And stay tuned for more use-it-up products. I'll be continuing to post more reports as we progress through 2011.

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