Monday, January 10, 2011

Camouflaging My Allergy Eyes: Trish McEvoy Glaze Eye Shadow in Gilded Lily

I'm starting off 2011 with hideous allergy/sinus eyes...dark circles, bags, the whole works! Perhaps spring is already here in Southern California. But I am camouflaging it well thanks to a miracle eyeshadow that I discovered in my own stash — Trish McEvoy Glaze Eye Shadow in Gilded Lily. This is a lovely light green shade with a delicate sheen.

I purchased the shadow as part of a limited edition set, but hadn't really tried it until now. Here's how I'm using it. After applying Trish's Eye Base Essentials (eye primer) and a matte neutral shadow all over my eye, I'm concentrating on the lid where I'm adding a light wash of Gilded Lily. This light application is brightening my overall eyes and the light green shade is neutralizing redness. Normally I don't use green shadows, but this one really doesn't seem green once it's applied. It really takes on a neutral pearly shade (but not glitter) that should complement most complexions.

I've also experimented in applying it with a smudge brush along the lower and upper lash lines right above a deep black liner. It softens the black edge and offers a beautiful nighttime glow.

As with all of Trish's eye shadows, Gilded Lily wears extremely well with no fallout. It really stays put until you remove it especially if used in combination with her Eye Base.

Purchase info: Trish McEvoy Glaze Eye Shadow in Gilded Lily is available at Trish counters and online. It retails for $16.00 (pan shadow only).

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