Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Brilliant Flip-Top for Your Favorite Products: Sephora Collection Liquid Dispenser

Great products aren't always contained well. I frequently find that I'm unnecessarily wasting (or spilling) liquid-type products or spending extra time trying to get the very last drop out of the bottle. It drives me bonkers.

But no more...why? I accidentally discovered Sephora's Liquid Dispenser bottle, and now I'm doing backflips in my bathroom. OK...I am exaggerating, but this little beauty is making my life easier. While I'm convinced that nothing will ever replace Caudalie Cleansing Water as my go-to makeup remover (see previous post), the product's packaging isn't always convenient for quick access. This is especially the case when your mascara wand accidentally leaves a big black dot on your nose and you need an immediate eraser.

After transferring the makeup remover to my Sephora dispenser, I can now get fast, spill-free access to my makeup remover. I just flip open the bottle and press down twice on its convenient pump to get the perfect amount of product onto my cotton pad every time. Bravo!

I can easily see how this dispenser would work equally well for nail polish remover, toner, or any other liquid you may use. Pick one up the next time you visit Sephora or when you need that extra, relatively inexpensive, item to qualify for free shipping with your online order!

Purchase info: Sephora Collection Liquid Dispenser is available exclusively at Sephora. It retails for $11.00.

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