Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Scent-A-Rama: Mistral Winter Pine Holiday French Soap

Ah...nothing beats the refreshing aroma of fresh pine trees during the holidays. But for those of us who are allergic to Christmas trees, we need to sniff elsewhere or suffer the consequences. Thankfully, I can tolerate most pine fragrances in skincare products even if I can't get the real thing!

One of my favorite pine items this season is Mistral's Winter Pine soap. It's loaded with organic shea butter and pure vegetable oils, as well as a blend of crisp green pine needles adorned with orange, apple, and candied fruits. For me, this rich and festive soap brings the holidays right into my morning shower. 

Now if I could only get "Oh Christmas Tree" out of my head.

Purchase info: Mistral Winter Pine Holiday French Soap is available at select boutiques and retail establishments, including Anthropologie. It retails for $8.00.

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