Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Ultimate Manicure Insurance: Deborah Lippman Start Me Up Set

One of my 2010 beauty goals was to improve the condition of my fingernails and cuticles. After finally nursing my cuticles back to health, I'm now focusing on my nails. And oh how I've fallen back in love with nail polish!

But I was discouraged by the fact that my manicures were only lasting three or four days tops. Even after working on my polish technique, I still wasn't getting the results I expected. And to add to the problem, I had two nails that wouldn't stop splitting.

I tried various top coats and base coats, but I wasn't satisfied until I discovered Deborah Lippman's Start Me Up Set. This clever set of nail essentials has literally extended the life of my manicure to a full week. Plus, the two problem nails are back to normal and growing like weeds!

Start Me Up Set includes:
  • Cuticle Remover - with lanolin for clean, healthy cuticles
  • Cuticle Oil - ultra-hydrating cuticle treatment with jojoba and vitamin E
  • 2 Second Nail Primer - primes the nail for a longer-lasting manicure
  • Rehydrating Base Coat - with aloe vera to hydrate dry, brittle nails
  • Baby Love - baby doll pink lacquer
  • On A Clear Day Top Coat - high-gloss with sunscreen 
  • Smooth Operator - washable 4-way nail buffer
When I'm in a hurry, I'll exclude On A Clear Day Top Coat and use Deborah's other top coat, Addicted to Speed. It allows me to get out the door quickly without nicking the polish.

This set is a good entry to the Deborah Lippman line and makes a wonderful gift for the nail aficionado on your list!

Purchase info: Deborah Lippman Start Up Kit is available in select boutiques, Nordstrom, and Deborah It retails for $44.00.

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