Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Scent-A-Rama: Lafco Celery Thyme Dining Room Candle

The subtitle of today's post should read...the candle that saved our Thanksgiving! Yours truly made a huge mistake the day before Thanksgiving. Since I knew I'd be running around all day on Wednesday, I put together beef stew in the morning and let it cook all day in my Crock-Pot. The stew was awesome, but my two-story house wreaked of onions and beef on Thursday AM. On any other day in Southern California, I would have opened the windows and turned on the fan to blow out the odor. However, it's been frigid here this past week and I had to keep the house closed up or lose all of our heat.

Out of desperation, I lit my new Lafco Celery Thyme Dining Room Candle to see if I could mask the odor.  (Normally, candles do not mask smells. In fact, sometime they often intensify the odor you are trying to remove.) However, this one was designed to be placed in the dining room, so I figured that its fragrance would not compete with food.

I placed the candle in a strategic location where it could diffuse its magic to both upstairs and downstairs rooms. Believe it or not, the odor was nearly gone in just over an hour. I continued to let the candle burn for most of the day as I cooked my turkey, dressing, and other Thanksgiving goodies. Even with all of the extra cooking, my house smelled "food free."

I appreciated that this candle worked more as a neutralizer and did not impart any strong fragrance. Its subtle combination of crisp celery, Russian thyme, and a pinch of celery seed gently scented the air without going overboard.

I've been purchasing Lafco's House and Home candles for several years now and they have yet to disappoint! They are created to complement the decor and ambiance of every room in your house. Even Oprah agrees. She selected the whole collection for her favorite things list this year.

Purchase info: Lafco Celery Thyme Dining Room Candle is available at select boutiques and Lafco New It retails for $55.00.


  1. It's refreshing when you find a good neutralizing candle instead of one that smells too fruity. It also looks elegant. I'm curious about how long you can leave it burning. Is it one of those candles that lasts forever?

    Katie for Ouidad

  2. It's a simple, yet elegant design that blends well with most decor. Once the candle has burned to the end, I clean out the jar and use it for my makeup brushes.

    I've let the candle burn for 5-6 hours without any problems. I believe it has a 90 hour burn time (total).

  3. Thanks so much for the information! 90 hours is definitely a long time for a candle, in my opinion.

    Katie or Ouidad


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