Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Motherlode Brush Set: Trish McEvoy The Classic Collection Brush Set

I'm loving all of the new holiday items that are now starting to arrive at makeup counters, especially the limited-edition makeup brush sets. For me, this is the best time of year to score a great deal on my favorite brushes.

One set that I have my eyes on this year is the limited-edition Trish McEvoy The Classic Collection Brush Set. It features eight full-size brushes that are housed in a classic black quilted brush case. Basically, this set has nearly everything that you need for flawless makeup application.

Here's what is included:
  • Brush 37 Bronzer
  • Brush 48 Blending
  • Brush 30 Eye Blending
  • Brush 40 Medium Laydown
  • Brush 23 Angled Crease Contour
  • Brush 50 Angled Precision Eyelining
  • Brush 41 Precision Smudge
  • Precision Lip Brush
From my own experience, Trish's brushes stand head and shoulders above anything else on the market. They are individually hand cut, and most are made from the highest quality sable hair. If had mine for nearly three years and they are still in perfect condition.

Trust me...once you've used a Trish brush, you'll never want to use another brand.

Purchase info: Trish McEvoy The Classic Collection Brush Set is available now at local counters and Trish While the set is pricey at $225.00, it's definitely much cheaper than purchasing each brush individually.

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