Friday, September 3, 2010

My Oh So Happy Feet: Be Natural Callus Eliminator

During my last pedicure, my nail technician politely commented on my out-of-control heel calluses. They were definitely scary and needing TLC. As she worked her magic on my feet, I watched her like a hawk to see what she used on my calluses to transform them into baby soft beauties. I've always commented how amazing my feet looked after my pedicure, but I never paid too much attention. But not this time...
I discovered that her miracle product was Be Natural Callus Eliminator. In just three to five minutes, Callus Eliminator breaks down any callus buildup and then you simply file away the excess. I use my Checi Pro Foot File (see previous post). It's that easy! I've been finding that after regular use (about once a week), my feet are nearly callus free. Hallelujah! 
One important note: do follow the directions on the bottle, being especially careful not to leave the product on for longer than five minutes. Yes, I learned my lesson the hard way and my heels were a bit sore for several days.

Purchase info: Be Natural Callus Eliminator is available at most beauty supply stores and Prices starts at about $10. Shop around for your best deal.

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