Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Nails' New Best Friend: essie the crystal file

For me, the year 2010 has been all about improving the condition of my hands and nails. I've really neglected this part of my body in the past and, surprisingly, everything thrived. However, my cumulative neglect finally caught up with me over time. As a result, my cuticles are often dry and jagged, and my nails seem to peel more frequently.

One of the best recommendations I've received is to use a glass (crystal) nail file instead of traditional emery boards. According to a favorite nail technician, this file type will help prevent splitting and breakage, while keeping nails uber smooth. And best of all, this file will be yours for life if you take care of it!

I picked up essie the crystal file at my local Ulta when I had my last $3 off coupon. And it really has made a noticeable difference with my nails. Using the crystal file, I can now get smooth, clean edges even on the shortest of nails. It's also super hygienic. The file can be washed, sanitized, and sterilized for repeated use simply with hot water. You can also wipe it down with an alcohol pad after use.

The only negative...don't drop it! Since the file is made of glass, it could break easily. 

Purchase info: essie the crystal file is available at select beauty supply stores, Ulta, and Ulta.com. It retails for $9.99.

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