Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lathering Goodness for Color-Treated Hair: Matrix Biolage colorcarethérapie Delicate Care Shampoo

Two weeks ago I dealt with a color catastrophe. I don't know if it was miscommunication with my colorist or a goof with her color mix, but I was left with an unpleasant surprise...dark raven hair. Thankfully she was able to tone it down and get me closer to what I wanted; however, my hair suffered the consequences of multiple color treatments. To make matters worse, my current shampoo wasn't helping. It was too drying and my hair felt like straw.

Since I had great success earlier in the summer with Biolage's Conditioning Balm (see previous post), I decided to check out the line for a new shampoo. After some Internet research and a trip to my local Ulta, I narrowed down my choice to Biolage colorcarethérapie Delicate Care Shampoo. It is described as a nourishing shampoo that is designed to bring hair’s natural brilliance to light and preserve haircolor against sun and other free-radical damage.

And because it is is sulfate free, this shampoo is perfect for color treated locks. In general, I find that by using sulfate-free shampoos I am able to stretch out the time between colorings. Plus, my hair just seems to look and feel better.

But one of the common complaints with sulfate-free shampoo is zero to little lather. Many folks don't feel that their hair is clean unless they get a rich lathering experience from their shampoo. Well...this one delivers! In fact, it's so concentrated that I've had to reduce my dollop so that I can rinse it all out and not leave any extra shampoo behind.

The good news is that after two weeks of consecutive use with the shampoo my hair is nourished and my color is perfect!

Purchase info: Matrix Biolage colorcarethérapie Delicate Care Shampoo is readily available at most beauty supply stores and Ulta. It retails for $16.00 (10.1 oz bottle).

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