Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Tiny Miracle Worker: Trish McEvoy The Point

The small things in life can make a big difference. Point in case...Trish McEvoy's The Point. This tiny power horse of a brush easily maneuvers concealer into the corners of the eyes to wipe out dark circles, effortlessly blends mineral powder into the nooks and crannies of the nose and chin, and perfectly applies cream or liquid foundation for the most flawless coverage. Seriously...I cannot live without this little brush.

The irony is that I purchased it months before I actually started using it. I had a 20% off coupon and this was one of the items that I added to my shopping cart. But it never made it out of the package until my other makeup brushes were dirty.

I initially used it to pat on my under-eye concealer. I was blown away by how easy it was to get into the inner corners of my eyes. This is a real danger zone for me as it is the darkest of dark areas. In the past, I always used a combination of a small flat brush and my fingers to get the most natural application. However, with The Point I didn't have to use my fingers. It was able to precisely place the concealer exactly where I needed it, as well as blend it to perfection. It works equally well for any luminizer or highlighter product for the under-eye area.

My next use was for my mineral powder. Normally, I use a kabuki-style brush to get the best application. However, The Point is equally impressive for applying mineral powder and it does an amazing job at placing the powder around the nose, chin, or any other spot on your face that needs a little more product without looking cakey.

My final use was for applying my Chantecaille Real Skin (cream) foundation. It blended this cream-to-powder foundation like nothing else. In fact, I could barely tell that I had any product on. The only drawback was that The Point tended to soak up the product and I probably wasted more than needed. But my face never looked better.

Bottom line...if you can only buy one new brush this season, consider The Point. It's versatile, high quality, and takes up barely any space in your bag or drawer.

Purchase info: Trish McEvoy's The Point is available at your local Trish counter and Trish It retails for $40.00.


  1. This is an amazingly comprehensive review. Thank you for going into such detail about the product.

    Can you tell me how big The Point brush is...say, compared to a kabuki brush or another common item?

  2. Thank you for your kind words!

    The Point is tiny compared to other brushes. I compared it to my Bobbi Brown kabuki and it's maybe a fifth of the size. The bristles are no longer than 1/2 of my thumb. If you have access to Facebook, go to Trish's page. She has a section for videos. She features the brush in the "Correct and Brighten" segment. The link is!/video/video.php?v=850840506650.

    Hope this helps!


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