Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Second-Chance Product Week: Day Two - Trish McEvoy Flawless Lip

Second-chance product week continues with a lip product that I had previously banned to the toss pile.

Today, I'm highlighting Trish McEvoy Flawless Lip. I purchased this item months ago when I bought a lipstick at my local Trish counter. It is a lip primer that promises to deliver a smooth, long-lasting protective surface that keeps lip color anchored within the lip line while extending its wear. I tried it several times, and it did absolutely nothing for my lips. And I thought it was the culprit for a round of cold sores. So...I sent it packing, or so I thought.

However, I spotted Flawless Lip in my drawer and decided to give it another whirl. I was attending a special event and I wanted my lip color to last longer. I applied Flawless Lip and let it set for a minute or two. (You need to give it time to change consistency, from a slick gloss to a tacky feel, before putting on your lipstick. This is the trick!)  Then, I applied my lipstick. Wow...the color stayed in place for nearly five hours and my lips felt wonderful. Usually, I rub off most lipsticks as I hate the texture, but this product made my lipstick feel more like a gloss. It was love, love, love.

Thanks to Flawless Lip I've now rediscovered my love for lipsticks once again. Bring on even more lipsticks!

Purchase info: Trish McEvoy Flawless Lip is available at your local Trish counter or Trish McEvoy.com. It retails for $22.00.

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