Monday, July 19, 2010

Second-Chance Product Week: Day 1 - Chantecaille Real Skin SPF 30 Translucent Makeup

Last month I completely reorganized my product stash and rediscovered a couple forgotten finds. At some point, I had written off these products as not working, sensitivity inducing, wrong shade or formula, duplication of another product, etc. I didn't have the heart to return or toss, so I kept them in hopes that some day they would work out. And sure enough...they did! This week I'll be highlighting some of my second-chance finds.

In January 2009, I was on the hunt for a new tinted moisturizer. I didn't want a liquid foundation and I was tired of mineral/powder formulas that were failing on my sensitive skin. But none of the tinted moisturizers met my criteria. However, I did find Chantecaille Real Skin SPF 30 Translucent Makeup. This is a cream-to-powder foundation that is extremely light weight and blendable. I immediately loved it and purchased without hesitation.

Yet when I got the home, the product's magic disappeared. I couldn't apply Real Skin evenly and it seemed to call attention to all of my dry patches. I tried all sorts of application tools (sponges, brushes, fingers) and it failed miserably. Plus, I felt that the color was too light. Unfortunately, I could not return it to the department store as they didn't take back used products. Bummer.

Fast forward to last month. I pulled this baby out and tried again. This time I used my Bobbi Brown Foundation brush to apply. I made sure to get enough product on the brush and then gently applied to just the spots where I needed coverage. After using the brush, I smoothed out any edges with my fingers. I liked its feel as it was much lighter than my favorite liquid foundation. It's the perfect consistency for summer days when you don't need anything heavy duty and want some extra SPF protection.

I'd recommend Real Skin for dry, normal, and even combination skin types who want sheer coverage, including those with sensitive skin as it does not contain chemical SPFs. Instead, it relies on titanium dioxide, a physical SPF, to protect your skin. If you are oily, you may want to avoid this richer formula.

Purchase info: Chantecaille Real Skin SPF 30 Translucent Makeup is available at select department stores and It retails for $64.00, which includes a silver compact. Refills can be purchased for $44.00.

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