Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Perfect Summer Evening Bubble Bath: Tokyomilk No. 15 Bubble Bath

I know it's summer, but I still crave a warm bubble bath now and again to help me fall asleep. One of my recent favorites is Tokyomilk No. 15 Bubble Bath (French Kiss). It is a luxurious foaming soap that is super hydrating due to Japanese green tea extract, avocado and olive oils, and vitamin E.

And it smells marvelous too thanks to notes of mandarin, tuberose, gardenia, and vetiver. In my opinion, I pick up more on the mandarin and green tea scents than anything else. In fact, its reminiscent of Fresh's Sake or its limited release Memories of a Geisha. In any case, it's a very familiar scent that I love! Plus, the generous-sized bottle is stunning.

My only complaint is that the soap itself is not concentrated. For a frothy bath, I need to pour in quite a bit of product to get my bubbles.

Purchase info: Tokyomilk No. 15 Bubble Bath is available in select boutiques and It retails for $36.00 (33.8 oz/1 L bottle).

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