Friday, July 30, 2010

My Brows But Better: Lancôme 'Le Crayon Poudre' Brow Powder Pencil

It's been a long journey, but my brows are "almost" back to their normal state after THE worst brow wax nearly 18 months ago. Yes, I said 18 months. And no, I'm not kidding! What helped me through the growing out period? Patience, guidance from the experts at the Benefit Brow Bar in Carlsbad, and awesome products.

Now that my brows are full once again, I find that I don't always need the powder/wax combination of Benefit Brow Zings (see previous post), my once HG product. Sometimes I just want a quick touch of natural color to fill in a couple spots.

One of my favorite Nordstrom makeup artists recently introduced me to Lancôme 'Le Crayon Poudre' Brow Powder Pencil that delivers my brows but better (MBBB)! Lancôme Brow Powder Pencil is an all-in-one essential for natural-looking, beautiful brows. At one end: a powder pencil to color-correct and contour. At the other: a handy brush to blend and groom for soft, subtly defined brows.

The feature that influenced my initial purchase was the wide range of colors for brunettes. I have medium-brown hair with auburn undertones. And I find that most brow products designed for brunettes are typically too dark and unnatural on my fair complexion. I usually end up buying something meant for those with blond hair. But it can be hit or miss. Now with the Lancôme product, I get just the right color. I use "Taupe" which has a slight auburn tint, but not too red. The first time at the counter I initially was matched with "Chataigne," but it was way too red. However, I went back and we found a better match.

The formula is also a winner in my book. It glides on smoothly, and functions more like a powder. After I use the pencil, I take the handy built-in brush and gently blend the color with my brows. It's that easy! And the color lasts all day.

Purchase info: Lancôme 'Le Crayon Poudre' Brow Powder Pencil is available at local Lancôme counters, online beauty retailers, and Lancôme It comes in 7 colors and retails for $24.00.

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