Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Winning Curl Styling Duo: Curl Keeper + recoil Curl Activator

Why is it that beauty products often produce better results when paired? I especially find this to be the case with hair products. One of my new hair styling combos for curly hair is a clever pairing that is frequently recommended on NaturallyCurly.com — a fabulous site for those with curly locks. When I use these two products together, my curls fall into soft, frizz-free ringlets and I can go an extra day between shampoos. So what's included in this winning duo?

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper is the first product that hits my hair after I've shampooed and conditioned (both rinse out and leave-in conditioners). I apply two very generous quarter-sized dollops of Curl Keeper through wet hair from roots to ends. I'll then gently rake my fingers throughout to make sure I've dispersed evenly or use my new Mason Pearson comb. This styling product comes in a clear thin lotion formula. It is designed to control the frizz. I appreciate that it is a water-based product, which means I can use frequently without worrying about extra product build-up. Also, it is free of any parabens and silicones, if you are concerned about these ingredients.

AG Hair Cosmetics recoil Curl Activator is the second styling product. This time I use a conservative-sized quarter dollop of this rich styling cream. I work the product evenly through the mid to lower half of my curls. I find I don't like to apply it too close to my roots as it leaves a bit of flakey build-up. recoil Curl Activator helps create soft, defineable curls that hold their shape all day. I find that this makes my curls oh so soft and touchable! One note: You will need to experiment with the amount of product to use as it is more of a thick balm and you can use too much. If you have oily or extremely fine hair, this may not be the product for you. recoil is also paraben- and silicon-free.

Purchase info: Both styling products are most readily available on the Internet. I purchased both from CurlMart, NaturallyCurly.com's boutique. Curl Keeper retails for $15.50 (8 oz bottle) and recoil is $18.00 (6 oz tube). Be sure to register when you go to this site so you can take advantage of their special offers, including a 15% off coupon for first-time purchases!

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