Monday, May 10, 2010

What Comes On, Must Come Off Lint-free: Swisspers Premium Cotton Rounds

Sometimes it's the little things in life that truly matter. I'm sure if you use cotton rounds, cotton pads, swaps, cotton balls, or disposable makeup wipes, you know that there are winner and loser products in this category. For me the ultimate deal breaker is whether or not the item sheds lint or immediately falls apart. This is commonplace with the round cotton pads that are used for makeup and nail polish removal. While I use these disposable tools daily, it's challenging to find just the right one.

For years, I used these great cotton rounds from The Body Shop. They held up extremely well and never left a trace of lint behind. My understanding is that they were a cotton/wool blend, which made the rounds stronger. But of course, the product was discontinued and I was left to find a replacement. I tried several grocery store brands and would find winners now and again. However, when I went back to repurchase, I often found that the product was completely different. Out of desperation, I'd often use two rounds since one wasn't sturdy enough on its own. What a waste!

Earlier this year, I accidentally found my holy grail replacement. I needed an inexpensive item to add to my order so that I'd qualify for free shipping. Without much thought, I added Swisspers Premium Cotton Rounds to my online shopping cart. And...oh what a find! These lovely cotton rounds are lint-free, incredibly durable, and super soft. With just a dab of makeup eye makeup remover, I can easily clean both eyes without needing a second round. And I NEVER get a fleck of lint, which is extremely important especially for those of us who wear contacts.


Purchase info: Swisspers Premium Cotton Rounds are available at mass retailers, Ulta, and They vary in price. I purchased mine for $3.29 (a package of 80 rounds). When you look for these rounds, be sure that the word "premium" is listed as this line has three levels of products. Currently, the premium version has a pink graphic on the package.

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