Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Softlips Week Continues with PURE 100% Natural Lip Polish

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It's Day Two of our Softlips week. Here's another lip product that we're currently loving.

Flaky lips are never attractive. It makes your lipstick or gloss appear sloppy and uneven, and these products will not stay in place. What's a girl to do? Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. But you need to find something gentle that doesn't create more flakes, or, you're back to square one.

Softlips PURE 100% Natural Lip Polish is one of the best lip exfoliators that I've tried. It's infused with organic coconut flakes and exfoliating sugar crystals, as well as bees wax and natural seed oils like safflower, mango, and castor seed. And it smells just like yummy coconut! I'm swooned by its whipped consistency. I tend to get grossed out by scrub/exfoliating products that have an oily layer on top. This one is mixed throughout so you don't have this messy layer.

Once a week, I'll dab on a pea-size dollop of this lip goodness and swirl it around in a circular motion several times. I'll then wipe the product completely off with a damp wash cloth. Voila! My lips are super smooth and flake free. For extra hydration and protection, I'll then top everything off with the Softlips Lip Butter that I reviewed yesterday. I find this combination is making a big difference for my naturally dry and sensitive lips.

As with any exfoliator, you don't want to apply this product to lips that are sunburn, cracked, or bleeding. Let your lips heal first, and then you can exfoliate.

Purchase info: Softlips PURE 100% Natural Lip Polish is available in the naturals/organic section at Target stores nationwide. It retails for approximately $5.99.

Disclosure: I received a press sample of this product from Softlips.  

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