Friday, May 28, 2010

Softlips Review Finale: PURE 100% Natural Lip Glosses

This is the final review of the new Softlips PURE 100% Natural line. And I've saved the best for last!

I'm a lip gloss girl through and through. (OK...I'll occasionally use a lipstick, but I always top if off with with my gloss. I guess it's just an old habit.) However, I do pick my glosses carefully. And the applicator is the deal breaker. I prefer a squeeze tube as I don't want to stick my fingers in a pot (yuck!) or dig through my makeup drawer for a lipstick brush. Recently, I've tried glosses that have their own plastic brushes, similar to nail polish brushes, and I don't like this style either. The bristles on these brushes get out of shape within several uses and they're just messy. Now back to the review...

Softlips PURE 100% Natural Lip Glosses are probably the best quality drugstore lip gloss on the market. They are super hydrating with SPF 15 protection and provide a nicely pigmented finish that lasts several hours. While they are described as high shine, I don't necessarily put them in this category. They are shiny in texture, but they have some "tack" so they stay in place if that makes sense. To me, super shiny glosses never stay put on my lips. Their color travels and then disappears altogether.

The PURE 100% Natural Lip Glosses come in three shades (Coral Charm, Natural Honesty, and Shell Pink), similar to the lip tints that I reviewed yesterday. I prefer Coral Charm and Natural Honesty for my skin tone; however, all three are neutral enough to work for most complexions. One observation is that Coral Charm has more pink/mauve tones than what I'd expect for something named coral.

What I love most is that when the product does fade, my lips are still well hydrated. I don't need to find a lip balm to bring them back to life!

I'll definitely be using Natural Lip Glosses this summer. And I'll keep my fingers crossed that Softlips will introduce some new shades for fall and winter. 

Purchase info: PURE 100% Natural Lip Glosses retail for $4.99 each. They are available in the naturals/organic section of Target stores nationwide.

Disclosure: I received a press sample of this product from Softlips.

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