Friday, May 21, 2010

The Most Luxurious LUSH Product Ever: Crème Anglaise

It's been a very LUSH week! To top it off, we're highlighting one of LUSH's most luxurious items ever...Crème Anglaise.

To say that I was awed is an understatement. I fell completely and utterly under the spell of Crème Anglaise. This rich, magnificently moisturizing vanilla body cream is one of the finest I've ever tested. It is whipped to a super creamy consistency that blends into the skin without leaving a greasy after effect.

And surprisingly, I enjoyed its yummy fragrance — a blend of sweet orange oil, almond, and saffron. To date, I've always preferred unscented lotions and body creams as I can pair them with my perfume and not worry about any fragrance mismatches. But this one I can live with and would actually prefer hands (and feet) down.

The only negative...its hefty price tag. At $44.95 (7 oz tub), I would have a hard time buying this item on a regular basis. But if money was not a concern, I'd lavish this LUSH luxury on my skin. In the mean time, I'll enjoy every drop of my store sample!

Purchase info: LUSH Crème Anglaise is available at LUSH stores and online.  

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