Monday, May 17, 2010

All About LUSH Week: First Up...Turkish Delight Body Polish

This week we are featuring some heavenly LUSH goodies that will send you running to your nearest LUSH store. You can also order these treats online at

Turkish Delight Body Polish - This new LUSH body product completely turned my top. You see I was expecting to hate it as it boasts everything rose (rose oil, rose absolute, rose water, and more.) And you remember how much I loathe rose products!

Instead, I discovered a rich, body polish chalked full of decadently whipped up pot of roses, moisturizing cocoa butter, soothing almond oil, sensual jasmine and of course, Turkish rose. However, the rose scent was very subtle and natural. I think my rose hatrid stems from fakey rose scents that are in typical body products. But not this one.

I smoothed this rich treat on my skin while in the shower before I shaved my legs. It's very gentle so don't expect it to feel anything like a scrub. Once out of the shower, my skin felt revived and moisturized.  To seal in the moisture, I followed up immediately with my favorite body lotion. All in all, this product is perfect for those days when your skin is drier or you need some delicate exfoliation.

My only complaint is I'd go through its small tub way too fast.  But I could think of worse problems!

Purchase info: Turkish Delight retails for $29.95 (7 oz tub) at all LUSH stores and online.

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