Monday, April 26, 2010

Sending Stress Down the Drain: Mistral Bath Salts

Converging client deadlines, emerging in-laws, and the promise of new fence contruction (think...loose dogs) made last week a tad stressful. My only saving grace was a stash of Mistral Bath Salts (Vanilla Apricot scent) that I had purchased several weeks earlier. For 20 minutes each evening, I was able to escape to peace, quiet, and utter relaxation under its spell of rich vanilla with hints of summer-ripened apricots. Yum!

As much as I love my bubble baths, nothing compares to a long soak in good quality sea salts (preferably those from the Mediterranean Sea or Dead Sea). Their therapeutic properties balance my sensitive skin and help quiet my overloaded brain for a good night's sleep. I found that the Mistral Bath Salts were loaded with right amount of scent that lingered several hours after my bath. Just right in my opinion as I don't like anything too overpowering or I'll get a fragrance headache.

The Mistral Bath Salts are an exceptional local find. I purchased them at Mistral boutique in Solana Beach just minutes from my house. This lovely boutique offers a wide variety of Mistral bath and body products (soap, lotion, perfume, candles, etc.), as well as other French-imported merchandise such as pottery soap dishes, tablecloths, and more. I could spend hours in this store! Stop in if you're ever visiting North County San Diego. You can also purchase the Bath Salts from their online store, or buy them at a retailer who offers the Mistral line. Consult the company's boutique locator to find a retailer in your area.

Purchase info: Mistral Bath Salts are available in several sizes. The 1.5 lb. bag is $12.50, and a single use packet is $4.00. I bought my 1.5 lb on sale for $5.00! Available scents include Green Fig, Lavender, Melon Pear, South Seas, Strawberry, Vanilla Apricot, and Verbena.

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