Friday, April 9, 2010

My Blush Dilemma: To Keep or Return? MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Micro Finish Blush

My bad...I fell for its pre-release hype and bought the product sight unseen. I'm usually a stickler for the "try before you buy" philosophy, but I caved on MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Micro Finish Blush.

What is it? MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Micro Finish Blush is a cream blush that is described to create a soft-focus effect for a radiant complexion. According to the manufacturer, its ultra-fine, second-skin texture blends seamlessly, imparting a healthy glow that's hard not to notice. It's been recently reviewed by fashion magazines and the blogging community as one of the most natural, buildable, and long-lasting blushes on the market. So, of course I had to try it.

I was finally able to purchase the product after driving to three different Sephora stores last month. While the product and corresponding testers weren't officially on the store's shelves, I was able to whine and convince the manager to let me purchase, especially since I had traveled 50 miles just to get the product. One of the associates opened the product drawer and we sorted through the various colors. Since I wasn't sure which color to pick, I navigated to Sephora's web site on my iPhone and found what I thought would be the best color for my complexion: #6 (Quickie). This shade is a salmon pink color, which is not really a true pink or peach. It's one of those in-between shades that I usually love.

Once I returned home I immediately opened the package and squirted a small blob onto the back of my hand. At least I tried to only get a small drop or two. I soon discovered that the packaging was a challenge. It tends to dispense too much product that eventually is wasted. My first application of blush was with my fingers. Well...that didn't work. It streaked on my cheeks and looked awful.

I then tried applying it with my MAC 187 brush (AKA the skunk brush), which is designed for getting just the right amount of highly pigmented color. Hmm...not sure if this method worked either. I was able to get a streak-free application, but it was almost too light. I applied another layer and thought I had the color just right, but something was missing. While I'm used to matte blushes, this one appeared almost too flat on my complexion. I tried to remedy the situation by swiping a small amount of Trish McEvoy Highlights All Over Face Color. It's a cream highlighter that I thought would complement the consistency of the blush. Wrong! When I applied over the blush, I soon saw every pore on my cheek and it never blended with blush.

I eventually gave up for the night and tried again the next day. This time I used the blush by itself and dusted a bit of finishing powder over to increase its coverage. Another miss on my part. I'm starting to get the idea that you shouldn't use another product in conjunction with this blush. And forgot about wearing it over a powder foundation. It just won't work.

Finally I decided to get some advice from the pros. I made a trip to my local Sephora and asked for help. The makeup artist recommended applying it with a skunk brush and not using with other products. She was able to achieve a bit more even application, but honestly, it really didn't do much for me. And the product didn't last that long on my cheeks. While the color is beautiful, I think this product is headed back to Sephora. Honestly...blush application shouldn't be this hard!

Purchase info: MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Micro Finish Blush is sold exclusively at Sephora and It retails for $25 and is available in 14 shades.

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