Thursday, April 22, 2010

Memories of My Favorite Childhood Tea: Target Liberty of London Spiced Black Tea Candle

Last month during a rainy Saturday afternoon stroll through my local Target, I stumbled upon the Liberty of London for Target line. This limited-edition line features cheery floral print merchandise from Liberty, the leading destination store in London. At my Target, I saw everything from lingerie to men's ties to home decor.

While I'm not a huge floral fan, I was immediately drawn to the line's candles. Specifically, I couldn't put down the Spiced Black Tea candle. Underneath the floral packaging (shown above), is a simple clear glass jar candle. Nothing out of the ordinary at first glance. But what utterly mesmerized me was its familiar scent. It reminded me of Bigelow's Constant Comment Tea, the hot beverage that my mom frequently served when I was a child. The tea is a blend of black tea with oranges and sweet spices that is still sold at most grocery stores. And the candle's scent seems to mimic the tea's fragrance notes.

Of course, I had to purchase it just for the memories alone. But I'm really enjoying burning it in my home office. It's a comforting scent that isn't overpowering. I'm quite picky with my home office scents. If it distracts me in any way, it's outta there. Right now it is the perfect companion to my late-night working schedule. Now if only mom was nearby to pour me a cup of tea! 

Purchase info: Target Liberty London Black Tea Candle is no longer available at But if you use the site's find-it-in-a-store locator, you still may be able to purchase it in a store near you. It retails for $9.99, and the candle's burn time is approximately 45 hours.

Note, if Spiced Black Tea is not your cup of team (no pun intended), consider Sugared Grapefruit or Ocean Minerals. I picked up one of each of these lovelies, too. I couldn't resist!

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