Thursday, March 11, 2010

Topcoat on the Run: essie good to go!

After years of not polishing my fingernails, I've finally embraced polish once again. But I hate to wait for it to dry as I have things to do and people to see!

One of my new tricks to get out the door faster without polish smudges left and right is essie good to go! This quick (and I mean quick) drying top coat penetrates through fresh polish to provide a strong protective finish. If I apply and wait about three to five minutes, I'm ensured no smudges.

In addition, when using this product I'm finding that my manicures last a week or more and without any yellowing after effects. I've even tested with the darkest black/red shades and still no yellowing.

Purchase info: essie good to go! is available at select nail salons and beauty supply stores. It retails for approximately $10.00

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