Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Warm Winter's Night Light: Linnea's Lights Winter Candle

During this past month of late-night work deadlines, I've been burning candles left and right in my home office to help keep me going. Linnea's Lights Winter Candle is one of my new favorites. My husband gave it to me for Christmas, and I've been totally loving its refreshing twist of evergreen, mint, and berry aroma. It's incredibly soothing and burns so evenly.

I love that Linnea's Lights eco-friendly candles are hand-poured with pure, all natural soy wax and use lead-free cotton wicks. I've recently discovered that there is a lot of gunk in most candles that I'd rather not breathe.

These 9oz highly aromatic soy candles last approximately 60 hours. I believe I'm nearly ready for Winter Candle number two. Hint...hint!

Purchase info: Linnea's Light Winter Candle is available at select retail locations. For a listing of locations, check out the company's web site. The candle retails for approximately $29.00.

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