Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trader Joe's Scalp Saver: Desert Essence JoJoba Oil

No one likes talking about dry, flaky scalps. It's one of those beauty issues that we all want to forget...and ignore. But our dry scalps do need some TLC now and again regardless if the problem is caused by a sunburn to the scalp, a build up of too many hair products, or simply a change in the weather.

One of my favorite dry scalp treatments is Desert Essence 100% Pure JoJoba Oil that I purchase at my local Trader Joe's. I massage a generous amount to my scalp and dry hair an hour or so before I take my shower. I'll then pull my hair up into a loose bun and let the oil penetrate the scalp area while I do other things around the house. When I'm ready to shower, I'll let the warm water hit the scalp area as I do a bit more massaging to work the product through my hair. I'll shampoo and continue with my regular hair product routine. The results: no more flakes and my hair is super soft and well conditioned. With several treatments over the course of two or three weeks, I find the problem corrects itself and the flakes are gone.

In addition to applying jojoba oil to the scalp, you will find other ingenious uses, including:
  • An eye makeup remover
  • A hand and feet moisturizer
  • A leave-in hair serum for dry, damaged hair
  • A spot moisturizer for the face

And my other all-time favorite use, an after-shampoo conditioner for George, my Dalmatian. He tends to get dry flaky hair, too, especially when the weather changes and he starts shedding. I rub a quarter size dollop to his hair immediately after a bath.

Purchase info: Desert Essence Jojoba Oil is available at many natural food stores and mass retailers. Shop around for the best prices in your area. I've found the best deal at my local Trader Joe's ($6.99 for a 4 oz. bottle).

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