Monday, December 28, 2009

A Dollop of Eye Relief: Bobbi Brown EXTRA Eye Repair Cream

In mid-December when I was staying up late trying to finish last-minute work projects and prepare for Christmas, my eyes really took a beating. It also didn't help that our coastal moisture zapped into thin air and I was left with red irritated patches in the outer corners of my eyes. I thought I was just suffering from sinus issues, but I soon realized it was dehydrated skin. I guess my regular eye cream wasn't doing its job.

While at my local Bobbi Brown counter, I asked for a complementary sample of Bobbi's new eye cream, EXTRA Eye Repair Cream. The makeup artist explained how it was packed with peptides, natural plant oils, and humectant that would soothe the redness. She also mentioned that the cream absorbed quickly with a matte finish, which is ideal for using underneath makeup. One of my pet peeves...eye creams that don't play well with your concealer and other under-eye makeup. When I purchase an eye cream, I want it to work well for both day and evening use. I don't want to have to depend on two different products as I spend enough as it is on my skincare routine.

I diligently used my sample for nearly 10 days and was immediately hooked! The red patches were nearly gone and my undereye area was hydrated without feeling greasy. This targeted area was super smoothe and it looked like I had slept for weeks — when in fact, I was functioning on less than 6 hours of sleep each night.

Several days before Christmas I made a special trip to the mall just for the eye cream. I was willing to fight off the crowds for under-eye relief.

Purchase info: Bobbi Brown EXTRA Eye Repair Cream is available at your local Bobbi counter and Bobbi Brown It retails for $65 (.15 ml jar). Note, that a little cream will go a long way. I expect the jar to last between 6-9 months.

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