Monday, October 12, 2009

FYI: A Note about the Recent FTC Announcement & Bloggers

Last week the U.S. Federal Trade Commission published new guidelines for endorsements, testimonials, and contracts/formal relationships with companies. These guidelines now impact the blogging community, especially for those of us who write product reviews.

I'm a fairly new blogger, so I do not have any contracts or established relationships with beauty companies. To date, I've either purchased my review items, received them as gifts from friends/family, acquired free product samples at beauty retail establishments (e.g., Sephora, Nordstrom, Ulta, etc.), or tested items at a makeup counter. I'm still waiting for my first press sample!

Going forward, I will disclose how I received each product that I review. This product's source information will be listed in the label section, grouped together with the categories. You can find the labels directly underneath the purchase information. You'll see the following product source labels:
  • Purchased
  • Gift from friend/family
  • Free sample from retailer
  • Counter test
  • Press sample
While this may not the most elegant solution, I believe it will meet my obligations to the FTC and to you my readers.

And just FYI...I'm a self-confessed beauty junkie, but I am in no way an expert in this field. I'm just an ordinary gal who loves trying new products and sharing my honest opinions whether or not I truly loved what I reviewed.

Now back to the product reviews!

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