Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tried-n-True Tuesdays: Trish McEvoy Treatment Foundation

I'm breaking my own rules for this posting. Usually I don't put anything into my Tuesday category unless it is a product that I've used for a minimum of six months. But today I will make an exception for Trish McEvoy Treatment Foundation, which I have used since May.

For years I resisted using liquid foundations. I never found the right color or formula that complemented my fair skin. Before using this foundation, the closest product to nearly woo me over was Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup (see previous post). But even this product disappointed me since the color oxidized on my skin after an hour or so. Yes, even after two color attempts! So just when I had nearly thrown in the towel, I attended a beauty event where a makeup artist used Trish McEvoy Treatment Foundation in Cream. Suddenly, my opinion changed and I was in heaven.

Treatment Foundation is the newest liquid foundation in Trish's line. According to the company it is described as an all-day, stay-true, buildable, vitamin-enriched marriage of color and skincare. Weightless color imparts luminosity while advanced pigments optically diffuse the appearance of fine lines, and dual-action peptides, green tea, SPF 15, and powerful antioxidants replenish, rejuvenate and prevent, helping the skin look firmer with renewed suppleness. That's a marketer's description, but here is mine -- flawless, not drying or oily, nourishing color that makes my skin look look nearly perfect. Yep, it is that good even in dry and humid environments.

But I will admit that I had to change my application technique to get these results. Previously I always used a damp sponge to apply my liquid foundation. But Treatment Foundation and water don't seem to work together nicely. I received the best results with Trish's Deluxe Blender 55 Brush followed by some blending with my fingertips. Note, the brush must be dry. With these application changes, the makeup went on smoother and blended better around the chin and nose areas. And it didn't get cakey after several hours on my skin.

One most days I don't even need to use any finishing powder unless it is super humid. I simply apply my foundation and continue with my other makeup products. And it looks beautiful all day.

The only negative is the price. This is not an inexpensive product. It has a steep $75 price tag attached. But for me, I'm willing to pay the price since it behaves well with my finicky skin. I've probably wasted that much or more on foundation products that were complete duds. Yes, that's my justification!

Purchase info: Trish McEvoy Treatment Foundation is available at select department stores, including Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, etc., as well as Trish McEvoy.com. Currently, there are 9 color options to choose from.

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