Monday, September 14, 2009

Beautiful Brows at Benefit Brow Bar

I suffered an eyebrow waxing fatality earlier in the year, and I'm still paying for it. I don't know if my esthetician was distracted or just used too much wax, but I lost a big chunk of my left eye brow that hasn't seemed to grow back to its original state. So rather than cause more damage, I've been plucking my own eyebrows. I was doing a decent job of keeping everything neat and trim, but then I, too, went overboard. Did I not learn my lesson? Apparently not.

Advance to the real after my latest brow debacle, I happened to be strolling through my local Ulta. They were in the middle of a big remodel and I couldn't find a product that I was looking for. A helpful Benefit makeup artist pointed me in the right direction and then I started asking questions about the store's remodel. She told me that they were putting in a Benefit Brow Bar (along with some other high end products), which would provide a variety of facial waxing services, including brow waxing. I shared my story and asked for some brow advice.

The friendly artist analyzed my brows and told me to come back in a couple of weeks once some of my handiwork had started to grow back. She also suggested some brow products to help fill in my boo boos.

Two weeks later I returned and had one of the best brow experiences ever! The same makeup artist skillfully began shaping my brows back to their original state and pointed out areas that I needed to grow. She probably spent at least 25 minutes making sure everything was just right. After waxing, she then applied a soothing coconut scented lotion that helped calm the redness. I don't know what was in the lotion, but it seemed to prevent those bumps that I often get after waxing. And all redness was immediately gone. Normally, the waxing redness will remain as long as a day or two on my sensitive skin. But not this time.

Since I'm still a work in progress, I will probably go back in two weeks for another brow wax. I usually don't wax this frequently, but I will make the exception so that I can get my brows back on track again. Going forward, I can probably cut back to just once a month.

If you need some brow expertise, I highly recommend stopping by your neighborhood Benefit Brow Bar. You won't regret it!

Purchase info: Benefit Brow Bars are located inside Ulta (and other stores) in select locations. To find one in your area, visit the online Benefit store locator which lists brow bars by city and state. My brow wax was $20. According to the company's Web site, waxing services vary by location.

Tip: Once you locate a Brow Bar in your area, I would stop in beforehand and meet the artists, so that you can find someone you trust. And be sure to take a good look at their brows! Then, I'd make an appointment to ensure you get the artist's full attention.

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