Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tried-n-True Tuesdays: Fresh Sugar Face Polish

Yesterday afternoon I took a good look in the mirror and was startled by the flaky skin patches on my chin and nose. Plus, I could see every single pore. Yuck!

I wanted to blame my foundation, but it had been performing extremely well all summer long. The real culprit: lack of exfoliation. You see last summer I went on a big exfoliation kick and pushed my face into an ugly oily zone. Yep...too much of a good thing. So, this summer I resolved to not go overboard with the exfoliating masks, Retin-A, and the Clarisonic--the goddess of all skin care tools.

When my skin gets these occasional flaky patches, I know it's time for a sugary treat. I'll reach for Fresh Sugar Face Polish to slough the dull patches and get me radiant once again. This nourishing face mask is chalked full of wild strawberries, mango seed butter, finely ground brown sugar, lemon, and other tasty ingredients. (But please...no tasting!)

Without a doubt, it is my favorite exfoliating mask. It's gentle--won't cause any stinging or irritation--and nourishing without being greasy. I've been using it for nearly three years now, so I'm sold. And it's rare that I remain faithful to anything after the year mark, especially with all the new products constantly being released to the marketplace.

Purchase info: Fresh Sugar Face Polish is available at Fresh stores, Sephora, select department stores, and Fresh.com. It retails for $55 (4.2 oz jar) and is appropriate for all skin types.

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