Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Perfectly Packaged Gift: Fresh Petit Soaps

My mother's gift closet is amazing! Over the years, she has taught me to stock up on small, but beautiful items to keep on hand for unexpected gift-giving occasions. You never know when you'll be invited to your cousin's beach house or brunch at your college roommate's home.

While on vacation, I stumbled upon these lovely packaged soaps at a Fresh store. Their beautiful wrappings initially caught my eye. Upon further investigation, I was truly mesmerized by their exotic, yet natural fragrances. Even through the packaging, I could get a whiff of exactly what was inside. And let me tell you, it was not your grandmother's stinky fake rose or violet scented soaps. Instead it was pink grapefruit, currant marine, apple cranberry, fig apricot, and more. I purchased apple cranberry to give my mother-in-law who was dog sitting for us. She adores everything apple and cranberry. Well...after a week in my suitcase, I didn't want to surrender the soap. Yep, I ended up keeping it for myself. No self control here!

For those of you who do have self control, I highly recommend picking up several bars for your gift closets. I guarantee that your recipients will appreciate the packaging, as well as the soap's nourishing shea butter. And for an even better gift presentation, be sure to include one of Fresh's clever soap dishes.

Purchase info: Fresh Petit Soaps are available at Fresh stores, as well as Each soap retails for $12 (5 oz. bar). In addition, you may consider the larger oval bars, which retail for $14 (8.8 oz. bar). According to my research, the soap dishes are sold exclusively at the Fresh stores.

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