Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tried-n-True Tuesdays: Basic Bath Pouf

What makes one bath pouf stand head and shoulders above all other poufs? Durability, softness, and zero stink factor. Of course, I also want it to gently exfoliate without ripping my skin to shreds.

You would think that all of these plastic poufs are created equal. That was my general thought until I picked a Basic Bath pouf (yep...that's the brand name) from my local Walmart. For some reason, it was so much softer than others that I had tried from the grocery store, Ulta, Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop, and other retailers. Also, the Basic Bath pouf did not fall a part or come unraveled. The pouf stayed tightly connected to its handy string loop wash after wash. And it smelled fresh and clean even during our humid spring/summer months when it takes days for anything to dry out. With other poufs, I sometimes detected a faint mildew odor during this time of the year.

For about a dollar each, you cannot go wrong with the Basic Bath pouf. At this rate, pick up a half dozen or so. This way you'll always be stocked and never have to resort to the grocery store version again!

Purchase info: Basic Bath poufs are available at Walmart. Prices vary by store, but I've typically found them for approximately $.99 each.

Tip: Don't forget to replace your pouf every 30 days so it doesn't become the perfect home for "growing" your latest science experiment.

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