Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Stinking Rose: REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash

Sometimes I need to live on the edge and try things outside of my comfort zone. But...when it comes to scented items, I should trust my instinct and sample first before buying.

Here's my story. I've recently fallen in love with REN, the UK-based skincare company. And everything that I've tried so far has been amazing. One of the company's award winning products is the Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash. It is described as a luxurious body wash formulated with Moroccan Rose Otto Oil, one of the world's most expensive and revered essential oils. According to REN, Moroccan Rose Otto Oil is steam distilled from petals harvested at dawn and is beneficial to dry and sensitive skin while its exquisite scent has stress relieving and soothing properties.

I'll agree that my skin does feel quite supple and I'm relaxed after using it; however, I can't get past the rose scent. You see I've never liked anything rose scented. In fact, I've detested the smell of fresh cut roses since I was a child. And to me, this smells exactly like a fresh rose and it drives me nuts. Now if it was mixed with another essential oil, perhaps orange blossom, I could maybe enjoy it. Alas, this one is probably going to be tossed to the back of my beauty drawer.

But don't let me discourage you from trying the Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash. If you love roses, you'll be in heaven!

Purchase info: Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash is available at select Sephora stores,, and It retails for approximately $27 for a 6.8 oz. bottle.

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