Thursday, June 4, 2009

Traveling Light with Colgate Wisp

After experiencing the joy of braces not once, but twice in my lifetime, I am obsessed with clean teeth. However, when I travel on extended flights and road trips, I find it more challenging to keep my pearly whites clean.

But this is no longer a problem thanks to the Colgate Wisp. On my last holiday, I used these disposable, single-use toothbrushes in the airport bathroom before catching my connection flight. Just brush and go with no need for water, toothpaste, etc. The big less liquid item to worry about going through airport security! Plus, there is a little soft pick on the end that is ideal for getting into the hard to reach places. One note: I did prefer to use a little water with my Wisp, although it was not necessary. After brushing, my mouth was refreshed and I was ready to board my flight.

While Wisps are perfect for using while traveling, before a date, at the gym, etc., they really will not replace your everyday toothbrush. But they are a great substitute for when carrying a regular toothbrush and toothpaste are not practical.

I will definitely keep one tucked away in my purse...just in case!

Purchase info: Colgate Wisp are available at drugstores. They retail for approximately $8.50 for 16 Wisps. A 50 cent coupon is available by going to the Wisp site.

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  1. They work in a pinch. Not the best.


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