Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Beauty: 5 Easy Tips for the New Season

Who doesn't love summer? I can't wait to put on my sandals, slip into a brand new pair of shorts, and hit the road for a relaxing getaway.

While I'm prepping for the new season, I take an inventory of my current beauty routine and make a few subtle changes, so that my skin doesn't get the summertime blues.

Here are my top 5 tips for the new season:

Tip 1: Clean, clean, and clean again. Spring is typically known as "the cleaning season." But it is equally important to do it all again for summer. Clean your makeup brushes, sponges, puffs, and other cosmetic applicators each week. Also, remember to frequently scrub down your cell phone, sun glasses, hats, cloth headbands, etc. If I get some weird breakouts, I try to pinpoint its source. Recently I discovered a couple of spots on my cheek, a place where I normally never have any skin issues. After careful examination, I realized my sunglasses were the culprit.

Tip 2: Lighten the load. If you are using a heavier coverage, liquid foundation, try a mineral powder foundation or a tinted moisturizer. A lighter formula will allow your skin to breathe easier during the warm, humid months. And if you live in a dry desert climate, seek out a formula that is continuously hydrating.

Tip 3: Switch our your signature scent. Summer is a great opportunity to embrace a new fragrance. Try beach scents or light florals. I've been spritzing Bond No. 9's New York Fire Island with its notes of cardamom, neroli, white musk, tuberose, and patchouli. Darn, my sample is almost gone!

Tip 4: Amp up the sunscreen. I know this is a broken record to most gals, but I can't say it enough. "Don't ever leave the house without it." Need a new one? Check out my review on my all-time favorite from Shiseido.

Tip 5: Look for an unexpected local treasure. When I'm on a holiday, I go product shopping. In Nice, I discovered the best shea butter soaps in the farmer's markets, and in Canada I found Lush bath bombs. I'll even go as far as to carry extra supplies (bubble wrap, ziplock bags, wine totes) in my suitcase so that I can safely bring home my beauty souvenirs.

What is your favorite beauty tip for the season?

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