Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beauty Reflection: An Afternoon with Trish McEvoy

My beauty highlight of the month! Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a hands-on Trish McEvoy seminar, "The Power of Makeup." This nearly two-hour event was hosted at my local Nordstrom. And the best part...the featured speaker was Trish herself. It's not everyday that you get an up-close opportunity to interact with one of the beauty mavens of our time.

Who is Trish McEvoy?
If you're not familiar with Trish, here is a snapshot of her background. She revolutionized makeup application in the 1970s with the advent of makeup brushes shaped to simplify and enhance makeup application. And the invention of her iconic Makeup Planner in the early 1990s established Trish's place as the author of makeup organization and functionality. Think...Franklin Day Timer for makeup.

The Power of Makeup Seminar
So you're probably wondering, what did you do for nearly two hours? Trish launched the seminar by asking us a direct, personal question, "Do you consider yourself pretty?" Hmm...I don't think I've ever been asked that question to my face. Nearly one third of our of group of 35 group women, proudly raised their hands and said, "Yes." And then Trish proceeded with a second question, "What makes you pretty?" And the answers to the follow-up question had little to do with makeup. Women attributed their prettiness to healthy lifestyles, supporting partners/spouses, surviving breast cancer, fulfilling careers, and more. It was pretty inspiring.

At this point, we were ready to see where the conversation was headed next. She told us that makeup could enhance our inner beauty and help give us the power to look our best at every age. For the next part of the seminar, she narrated as two makeup artists showed us a variety of products and application tips for specific looks, different skin tones, and unique beauty challenges. Trish's interactions were dynamic, personal, and not at all scripted -- very human.

After the demonstrations, we split up into groups of twos and threes and a dedicated Trish makeup artist gave us individual makeup lessons. And lessons they were. We didn't receive typical counter makeovers, but rather hands-on instruction where the makeup artist did one side of our face and we did the other. This empowering teaching program is one of Trish's unique differentiators.

My Takeaways from the Event: Beauty Tips, Tricks, and Other Insights
  • Know your beauty level before heading to the makeup counter. This entails determining how much time and products that you want to invest in to look your best each day. By know your own level, you can then communicate this information to the makeup artist so that he or she can guide you accordingly. According to Trish, there are three different levels.

    Level 1: You are a bare-bones girl. You want to throw it on and go. The most you want is one product per feature (e.g. lips), two tops.

    Level 2: You wouldn't feel dressed without makeup. You wear at least two products per feature. I'm a level 2 gal!

    Level 3: You like to play and have fun with makeup. You love what makeup can do in its extremes.

  • Apply eye makeup first. We all make mistakes and eye makeup is known to travel south. By doing eyes first, you can easily cleanup the goofs and smudges without having to go back and redo your foundation and concealer

  • Use a luminizer. Trish offers her luminizer in a pen form. It's a handy, versatile tool that can be used to help combat a variety of complexion concerns, such as the appearance of fine lines, complexion dullness and under-eye darkness. I like using it in what Trish calls the "Triangle of Light," from under the inside lower lash line, down to the apple of the cheek, and up along the cheekbone. Perfecto!

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