Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 1 - Shop Your Stash: Anastasia Eye Lights Matte

I'm on a no-buy beauty crusade for the next 14 days. Yep...I'm banned from purchasing something new. Instead, I'm going to dig deep into my existing beauty stash, including samples, gifts with purchases, and forgotten products. The goal is to not only save money, but to find unexpected treasures. As a reward for not opening my wallet, I'm going to treat myself to something spectacular on my NYC vacation at the end of this month.

Day 1: Anastasia Eye Lights Matte
I received this handy, dandy eye pencil from the Sephora Beauty Insider deluxe gift points program. It is described as a versatile, moisturizing, cream-to-powder pencil that creates soft, matte highlights under brows, a smooth base for shadows, or subtle shadowing on its own.

I've recently found that Eye Lights Matte (Camille shade) is the perfect eye concealer shade for the inner corners of eye. (Think...allergy eyes) It blends easily in this delicate area to cover the dark spots. Sometimes I find that traditional concealing products do not lay flat and end up caking in this area. But this product blends beautifully without looking too light or unnatural on my fair complexion.

Eye Lights Matte is also ideal for applying directly under my eyebrows for a clean brow line. It covers the tiny hairs that aren't quite ready to be tweezed or waxed. Perfecto!

Purchase Info: Eye Lights Matte is available at Sephora and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Web site for $21.

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