Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 11 - Shop Your Stash: Jane Iredale LipDrink

Original purpose: A super-hydrating lip balm with SPF 15
My aha use: Brow wax

Nothing is better than finding new uses for old things. One of my recent aha moments was discovering a dual purpose for my all-time favorite lip balm, Jane Iredale LipDrink. For some reason, I had misplaced my brow wax and I needed a quick solution.

I dug deep into my makeup drawer and found my trusty lip balm. Without hesitation, I used an eye brow brush to gently scoop up a smidgen of the balm. I then used small brush strokes to tame the know, the wild little brow hairs that have a mind of their own. Brilliant! All the hairs were neatly in place and they stayed that way all day.

Do you have a new use for an old item in your stash? I'd love to know your secrets.

Purchase info: Jane Iredale LipDrink is available at local day spas, as well as online at Jane Iredale Direct. It retails for approximately $11.60.

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