Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Meltdown Moment: Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

Last month I was sucked in by all of the Makeup Alley chatter about Clinique's new mascara, High Impact Curling Mascara. I immediately ran to my Clinique counter to buy my own tube and give it a try. The mascara is described as, "Coaxes lashes to their longest, boldest, most upturned look yet, without a pinch, pull, tug or tear. Arched wand scoops up, lifts up every last lash. Smudge, flake, smear-resistant for up to 24 eye-opening hours."

I've always loved the company's High Impact Mascara, so I thought this might be my new holy grail product. was nothing like my old favorite.

First, it produced absolutely zero curling power. My stick-straight lashes almost seemed straighter. I definitely could not use this product without an eyelash curler. Second, the mascara weighed down my lashes to the point that I felt like there was something constantly on my lashes that I needed to pull off. My contact lenses were not happy. And worst of all, the residue on my upper cheeks was like nothing else.

My bottom your $14 and purchase the regular High Impact Mascara. Your eyes will thank you.

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