Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Glance: LaLicious Coffee Bean Sugar Soufflé Scrub

Why is it that we waste countless hours (and dollars) trying to find cheaper alternatives to our holy grail beauty products? For me, my quest was to find a cost-effective replacement for my beloved Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish. I discovered this must-have body scrub several years ago on a summer trip to New York City. My husband and I had walked block after block on a miserably humid day, and I fell into a Fresh store to get a moment of relief. I'm sure the sales clerk took advantage of my situation, but I gained one of my best beauty finds ever.

The only problem with the scrub was its price -- a whopping $65 for a 14.3 oz tub. And to top it off, I went through the scrub every six weeks! So...I started my pursuit for an alternative. I can't tell you how many scrubs I tried and how many I tossed. Until now, nothing came close to the Fresh scrub. But this has all changed now that I've used LaLicious Sugar Soufflé Scrubs. While the texture is completely different than Fresh, the end results are remarkably similar:
  • I don't have to moisturize with lotion after getting out of the shower
  • I get one of the closet shaves without applying a second product
  • I don't experience any irritation or dryness
  • I enjoy using an all-natural and paraben-free product
  • I can save the extra $$ for another product
Plus, I get eight fragrance options and are no longer limited just to a brown sugar fragrance. Right now I'm working my way through Coffee Bean and Coconut Cream is next in line!

Purchase info: LaLicious Sugar Soufflé Scrubs retail for $34 each (16 oz. tub) and are available on the company's Web site and at select boutiques.

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