Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Glance: Trish McEvoy One Step Smoky Eye Brush

I latest beauty obsession is the Trish McEvoy makeup brush collection. I'm totally addicted, and my stash keeps growing.

The most recent addition to my collection is the One Step Smoky Eye Brush, which is one of Trish's newer brushes.

What it is: A mistake-proof tool for the perfect smoky eye. The brush is precision shaped to deposit eye color evenly and perfectly for a one-step smokey eye.

How to use it: According to, "...depending on the amount of smokiness you're looking for, sweep into a medium- or deep-toned eye shadow. Place the curve of the brush into your lash line and walk the brush up to the crease of the eye."

My opinion: While it is touted as a one-step tool, this sucker is not as easy as described. My attempts have left eyeshadow trickling down the sides of my eyes. Picture...two black eyes! I've taken it for multiple test runs on my own, and then asked three different Trish makeup artists for assistance. One had no clue how to use it. The other two had completely different methods. The third MA actually made it much easier for me to use. She told me to brush powder on the sides, tap the excess off, and the hold the brush vertically against my lash line. Funny enough, it actually worked. It's not a perfect application, but I'm a stubborn gal and will continue to perfect my skills until I get it just right. Stay tuned for my adventures with Mr. Smoky!

Purchase info: The brush retails from $48-52. It is available at most Trish counters and

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