Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally...a keeper: Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup

After using powder mineral makeup for nearly five years, I usually bypass liquid foundations. However, I did make an exception recently after reading all the positive reviews for the latest Dior release, Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup. It is a liquid foundation with a fresh, weightless texture and finish in a formula that hydrates the skin as it conceals imperfections and creates a radiantly natural, true-life glow. Nice description, but will it do well on my skin?

My skin was going through a dry spell and my favorite mineral powder was accentuating the dry areas. I went to the local Macy's Dior counter to get color matched and see for myself if the product lived up to its hype.

After the MA applied several different shades, she chose 022 Cameo. This color is described as warm beige for light complexions with pink undertones. I let the product sink in for several minutes as I perused other Dior products. It felt good on my skin without any oily residue or dryness. My biggest gripe with many liquid foundations is that they don't always work well for combination skin. Either you settle for a t-zone oil slick or you need to apply moisturizer later in the day. It seemed to be a good fit, so I made the purchase.

I continued my shopping trip and returned back to my car several hours later. When I looked in my rear view mirror, I was amazed at how well the product had adjusted to my skin quirks. The only potential issue was the color. For some reason, I felt it was just off -- a little too pinky/orange. I asked my husband if he noticed anything different about my face color. He thought it looked great, but I still wasn't satisfied.

I returned back to the same Dior counter after dinner for a second opinion. The original MA was gone for the evening, so I asked her colleague for advice. She didn't think it was bad, but she offered several samples of other colors that I could take home and try out. For the next week, I shelved the samples and stayed with the original 022 color. I loved how my skin was feeling and the product lasted throughout the day. Not bad.

I continued to use 022 off and on for the next month, while forgetting about the samples. I found my best application was with the Trish McEvoy 55 deluxe blender brush or Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge (aka "the blue peep"). But my original color concerns were never quite resolved. My suspicions were finally confirmed when a respected Trish MA made a subtle remark about my foundation color. "It's just a bit too dark for you."

I was now in a real quandary. I loved the formula and best of all my skin never looked better. No breakouts, no oil slicks, no dry flaky patches. What to do? I had tossed the other samples during a cleaning binge, so I could not take them for a test drive.

However, I did have my original receipt and I had not consumed more than five percent of the bottle. I marched back to my Macy's Dior counter seeking an exchange for another color. The Dior MA wasn't available, but a very helpful Clinique MA offered to do a color rematch. She couldn't believe how off 022 really was. With my prompting she reached for Light Beige 020, which is geared for light complexions with neutral undertones. Score! It looked great immediately, as well as several hours later. I couldn't be happier.

Moral of the beauty story...don't settle even when the professionals make their color recommendations. You need to test drive the product for a minimum of two to three hours. Sometimes products will oxidize and completely change their tones on your complexions. And if in doubt, ask for a sample before committing to the purchase.

I'll continue to use the 020 and cross my fingers that it will carry me into summer.

Purchase Info: Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup is available at your local Dior counter, Sephora, and online beauty retailers for $45 (US).

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